Represents the situation when people have been unintentionally and unaffected intoxicsted by chemicals or molds damaged by second or third parties in their health and searching for help.
If affected by the wrong people, a 'running the gauntlet' about recovery begins; often with the fatal consequences of irreversible intoxication due to no or false diagnoses by classical medical doctors being unfamiliar with intoxications.
This network of charitable volunteers of unselfish charity knows your situation and helps you in first aid with the essentials of life to stop your intoxication and re-initiate the recovery health process.
Where do I get:
- a pollutant-free and healthy apartment ?
- pollution-free and healthy clothes ?
- pollutant-free and healthy food and drinking water ?
In first case.
Who helps:
- consulting me holistically ?
- providing me with environmental medicine ?
- rebuilding my broken health ?
In first case.
Do you have the same or similar questions,
than you have arrived at the destination of your search.
In first case.
We can help you and offer you the first Sanctuary.
(German Google translation is wrong "Sanctuary" does not mean "Heiligtum" - it means "Zuflucht")


Modern man is moving farther and farther from his natural source, immersing himself in an increasingly artificial environment with many emitters.
German rental apartments often have a mold problem, there are still banned contaminated products such as asbestos, PCB and PAC installed or formaldehyde emitting floor coverings available, etc. Some old wooden houses emit PCP, spores, mycotoxins, chlorinansiole which are not only inhaled by the users. The consequences are often irreversible diseases. Intoxications.
In new buildings comes the typical construction chemicals from the building materials and the construction to it - a cocktail of chemicals, e.g. to the SBS, that "Sick Buidling Syndrome" leads, etc. ... .that is just the tip of the iceberg.
But also the increasing number of chemicals in the environment and food, hygiene products, perfumes, fragrance management in rooms, surrounded people with more and more chemicals - not everyone can handle this flood anymore.
Up to 80,000 chemicals daily affect humans already, not only in Germany - that this can not be healthy, should be understandable by everyone.
According to environmental doctors in 2014, there were still about 30 million environmental health sufferers estimated - alone in Germany. Ascending trending. 40-50% of them are allergy sufferers. Many supposedly healthy people do not even know that they are already part of it, because classical medical doctors are only symptom-handlers and not causal diagnosticians.
Unfortunately, there are no international figures, as official statistics do not compile any statistics. Officially there is no intoxication by chemicals or molds. Affected persons are psychiatrized according to medical guidelines and dubbed as "psycho-somatic" - proving facts are simply ignored by laws, government agencies, institutions, statutory health insurances, as well as classical medical doctors - ultimately, the person is left alone with his intoxication and being again the victim.
Real help in consulting or needful basic daily products without emitting harmful chemicals can only be found after a long search and often only through NGO associations and knowledgeable people. Sad situation!


Intoxicated people need help as soon as possible, so that the Intoxication process is stopped and the chance to come back to recovery.
No or incorrect diagnoses by ignorant persons can cause irreparable damage to the person health. Time is running out. Fast help is needed.
being intoxicated, the whole life has to be rethink again - and this its the hard way to know what is needed to avoid chemical, biological and physical emitters in daily life to get cured again.
It goes for example therefore to supply affected with non-toxic rooms and flats where are no chemical or biological emitters which harm the intoxicated victim again;
it goes for therefore to supply affected with healthy mattresses made of organic materials like cotton, where no chemicals emitt at night, in the regeneration phase of the organism, over skin and respiration - standrad PU mattresses lead e.g. to the infant death of newborns;
it goes for therefore to supply affected with pollutant-free clothing without toxic azo dyes, chemical bleach or colourants;
it goes for therefore to supply affected with organic food without pesticides, allergenic wheat, sugar or other chemical additives in food, which have lost nothing in it;
it goes for therefore to supply affected with healthy drinking water without chemical ingrediences like pesticides, fertilizers, softeners, drugs, medicines, de-icing etc. which burden organism additionally;
We help you in first aid, because we know not only from personal experience, the suffering of the affected needs.
Helping is easy if the affected concernes also and gets involved with the help - Readiness to listen is the first important step towards recovery - everything else we do together in our network of helpers from human to human in charity.


Help can only be done on the basis of philanthropy, respect for others, appreciation for life and, of course, faith-independent charity.
Our network is about giving intoxicated people first aid free of charge - a network is only as strong as any network not is, so here is an active unselfish international help network for intoxicated people "". Whether this network will be successful depends on the quality of the helpers and the person seeking help.
How's the whole thing going ?
Seeking help:
Please contact us via email or phone with your contact details and tell us your situation, intoxication and your needs and we are looking in our helper-network, the nearest point of contact for you or we help yourself.Provide us with as much infos as possible.
Be helper:
Each helper is listed with country, place, profession and spectrum on our site. A contact to you is made only through us, in order to prevent data abuse and spamming. For this we need a phone number and eMail over which you can be reached almost 24 hours a day.
Helpers will be:
Please apply yourself with your contact details, range of help, portfolio and please describe why and how you want to help those seeking help.
We generally need chemicals / pollutants free: environment, flats, mattresses, clothing, food, drinking water - drinking water filters, respirators and air purifiers (activated carbon, HEPA) without plasticizers, holistic health and nutrition consultants, holistic lawyers, environmental doctors and first detoxification measures according to the latest international findings of medical science research. But also jobs without exposure to chemicals in order to give those affected a livelihood again.
We need helpers internationally on every continent in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Australia.


Here we will mention our volunteer helpers in charity, who will help you with the basics needs of:

- Non-toxic environment (fresh air - no emissions)
- Non-toxic rooms (flats and buildings)
- Non-toxic beds (hardwood)
- Non-toxic mattress (organic cotton - no color)
- Non-toxic bedlinen (organic cotton - no color)
- Non-toxic hygiene products (fragrance free and plasticizer free)
- Non-toxic clothes for wo-/men (organic cotton - no color)
- Non-toxic organic food (organic only - no cans)
- Non-toxic drinking water (glas bottles only)
- Activated carbon-/ HEPA Airpurifyer
- Activated carbon-/ HEPA respirator masks
- Activated carbon waterfilters
- Ceramic waterfilters
- Holistic health and diet consultor
- Basic dietary supplements
- Environmental doctors
- Orthomoleculare medicine
- Several helping and contact persons

For a dignified life after the intoxication.
International helpers located in every continent in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Australia (under construction).
Only after our checking we connect help seeker with the nearest helper.
The help is based on charity and trust - neither for help seekers, nor for helpers incurred costs using this network. Of course, help seekers and helpers will be in constant contact with us.


    • Christian Lemiesz
    • Contact: info[a]
    • Phone: +49-2102-166 30 99 (Current base: Germany, NRW, Ratingen)
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