Christian Lemiesz

Initiator and volunteer helper in charity, with god`s help.

Graduate engineer, architect, building expert, building biologist IBN, SiGeKo, draftsman, drinking water probe taker, holistic coach, holistic health consultant i.e., holistic environmental consultant i.e., lecturer and author. Free christ.

I was intentionally intoxicated in my flat by my landlord by building damadges causing moisture damages causing molds contamination – at least i was unnoticed and insidiously poisoned by molds and chemicals from 2011-2014. Now i have several helath issues, cause my medical proves of the intoxication is ignored by the statutory health insurance.

Till today i am fighting for my rights and health infront of a German state court in Düsseldorf for acceptance of my intoxications and my damaged belongings.

So i know exactly what an intoxicated human being needs in first aid.

Via this network “” i will help every intoxicated human being with a holistic consulting in first aid and with the help of our future helpers in charity for all basic needs.