We need sponsors for the following helping packages:

01) Non-toxic environment (fresh air – no emissions)
02) Non-toxic rooms (flats and buildings)
03) Non-toxic beds (hardwood)
04) Non-toxic mattress (organic cotton – no color)
05) Non-toxic bedlinen (organic cotton – no color)
06) Non-toxic hygiene products (fragrance free and plasticizer free)
07) Non-toxic clothes for wo-/men (organic cotton – no color)
08) Non-toxic organic food (organic only – no cans)
09) Non-toxic drinking water (glas bottles only)
10) Activated carbon-/ HEPA Airpurifyer
11) Activated carbon-/ HEPA respirator masks
12) Activated carbon waterfilters
13) Ceramic waterfilters
14) Holistic health and diet consultor
15) Basic dietary supplements
15) Environmental doctors
16) Orthomoleculare medicine
17) Several helping and contact persons

If you feel to act in charity, please tell us which helping package you like to support, sponsoring or help directly with your profession. Manufacturer are also welcome as private and professional people in charity.

You can contact us via Helpers[a] with regard to “help packages” and we tell you how all works.